Arnaldo Otegi Leaves Prison

Otegi left Logroño penitentiary center and walked from the prison gates where his family, friends and a crowd of supporters gathered.

40 Marches, 40 Prisons

More than 25 years after started the policy of dispersion against the Basque political prisoners, the Basque pro-independence left party organized 40 marches to 40 Spanish prisons and mobilized 74 buses and more than 4,300 people.

Occupying an Abandoned Factory

There is more and more people who are creating alternative models of work, relationship and lifestyle initiatives there where they live, but often they remain invisible. Therefore, a group of people occupyied a long ago abandoned Firestone’s former factory, to promote alternative models of work, life and rapport. Trying to gather all who are ready to unite and work together in the same direction and to transform environment.

Herding Goats in the Alps

SPULÜI HERDING GOATS IN THE ALPS   Gari Garaialde Beñat and Natahlie will spend July and August in a hut in the Swiss Alps, almost 2,000 metres above tyhe sea level, looking after a herd of goats and making cheese. Their sons 7 years Kemen and Oihu of the year...

Dancing with the Fox

DANCING WITH THE FOX info This is a kind of dance that was danced in carnival festivities, in a small town called Hernani (Basque Country), but as these festivities were prohibited during Francos dictatorship, nowadays is danced the following days after Saint...
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