ZULOAK (Holes)


Zuloak is a strange band. Zuloak was a strange band.
They were Zuloak (Holes), played rock ‘n’ roll and did not exist. Or Yes. At the begining, Zuloak was a fake music group, created by the musician Fermín Muguruza (Kortatu, Negu Gorriak), expressly to register a film about an hypochetical group of rock, formed only by women. A fake documentary, created to talk about the situation of the rock played by women in the Basque country.
A phantom group, which did not offer any concert until the day the movie was released in September 2012, framed in San Sebastian International Film Festival.
After that first concert, Zuloak offered concerts around the world, played in Mexico, Berlin and in Japan; In September 2013 they played their last concert, in San Sebastian, in the same city where he played for the first time. After that concert the group disappeared.

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