HEYGATE. Gentrification in London

Heygate Estate was a large core that housed 1100 social housing located in zone one south London which was built in the 70 In early 2000 the council together with private developers, began a plan to completely tear down the Heygate and build a luxury resort. The neighbors tried to stop the macro project, proposed alternatives against this process of gentrification and prevent evictions and demolition. They also organized various activities, regained space abandoned by the authorities and reported the incident. Heygate was a point of resistance. In November 2013 they expelled the last neighbor. This is included within a larger plan that is driving the still centrally located south of the River Thames to their neighbors to replace them rich. What was a working class and multicultural area, will become an upmarket area, promoted by political and economic interests. This process of gentrification and expulsion of the working classes to the suburbs is a phenomenon that is occurring with increasing virulence in London. It happened in the urban north following the Olympics for example balls and is happening in the area south Heygate and Aylesbury estate as representative examples. South London never be the same, erasing all traces of what was, a new city will rise.
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