Traditional Way Pig Slaughtering


Although nowadays almost all slaughtering is made in professional abattoirs, yet there are many farms that the killing is done in a traditional way.

Pig slaughter is a popular tradition existing in various European countries, widespread since ancient times and made by hand, with different peculiarities depending on the place in which it is held. It is performed once a year, traditionally takes place in the autumn and early winter, as the cold is required as a natural method of preserving the relatively large quantities of meat during the butchering.

In the Navarre regions of Baztan or Malerreka, the months of December and January tend to be very busy months as many families kill their pigs.

The pig is slaughtered with a knife and then they are exsanguinated, usually via the carotid artery and the jugular vein, whilst the pigs are fully conscious. Then the pig is burnt with fernt and scraped with metal brushes and knives to remove the hair and eviscerated.

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