Five young black men came down from the bus, some talking on the phone, some other looking around, as if they didn’t know where they are. It’s twenty past ten at night, it’s a cold and rainy night. A white woman approacehs, they don’t know each other, but she tell them “bonne soir”.

This is a scene that has been repeated every night since the end of October 2018. Sometimes, on the bus no one arrives who does not know where he is, sometimes no one arrives, but every night someone is waiting for them, willing to say ‘bonne soir’ to those who need it.

Those who say good night to the newcomers are the members of the Irun Host Network, the Gautxoris (Night Birds in Basque). Those who saw that picking them up at the station was almost the only way the  immigrants have to sleep in a shelter.

They exchange two or three words and the woman offers them a shelter for the night.

These photos you’ll see here are a chronicle of the Gautxoris from Irun.  A chronicle of an action that has been repeated from every night October 2018, without fail.


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