Frontera Velka Ida. Participatory photography workshop


A group of young Roma ethnic Slovaks, aged between 10 and 21, are the authors of the work “Frontera Velka Ida”, as a result of the participatory photography workshop given by Josu Trueba Leiva and Eva Parey, through the NGO ETP Slovensko.
Velka Ida is one of eight locations in Eastern Slovakia with a wall separating the gypsy community. In a country where being Roma, already is a stigma, live on the other side of the wall or section of society is a challenge.
Photography as a means of artistic expression, opens a new world that transcends any barrier. Participatory photography workshop has been presented as a training tool, reflection, cultural representation and identity. Young people have observed the world through the camera, in a playful way, interpreting from the composition and visual communication.



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