The book Al son del punk/Kuidado ke muerden and edited from Banizu nizuke editorial, shows the punk scene in Cuba from two diferent perspectives.

The first part of the project is a report called Al son del punk, and it is the result of 4 trips Josu Trueba Leiva made between 2008 and 2010 to La Habana, Pinar del Rio, and the central provinces of the island. In this part of the project, Josu Trueba Leiva took photographs of the punks, showing aspects of their daily lifes (places where they live, their family, places where they  hung around, rehearsals and live concerts). Josu Trueba Leiva shows, as well, the life and death of Wiliam Fabian Álvarez, the singer and soul of the most legendary Cuban punk group: Los Eskoria of Santa Clara; And finally he relates Gerson and Yohandra´s life: a couple who lives in the old sanatorium for AIDS patients, in Pinar del Rio.

The second part of the project, called Kuidado ke muerden (Be carefull, they bite), is the result of a participative photography workshop, where Pau Coll Sánchez  (founding member of RUIDOphoto) and Josu Trueba Leiva, in September 2010, taught some knowledge about photography to 10 people that were very close to the punk movement in La Habana . On this part of the project, the punks themselves are  photographers and they photographed their surroundings for three months. The main idea of the workshop was to offer a honest view of this reality of Cuban people, being themselves, the Cubans, who showed their daily live through photography.

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