This is not an usual music festival. Nor is  an usual type of protest. This is not an usual book. This is a story of solidarity, in pictures.  Hatortxu Rock 20 was enormous. We have often mentioned it. The result was so great that many things remained far from our sight. This is way we decide collect in in a photo book the voluntary work that made possible this great Festival of Solidarity. ‘Solidarity, hand by hand’.

Thousands of hands took forward the largest solidarity festival that has known The Basque Country. The book wants to gather all those hands through 152 pages and more than 200 photographs. In those pictures, you can enjoy the work of the last weeks, what they lived from 27 to 30 of July and the dismantling, once the doors were closed.

The photos of the the voluntary work are by Bostok Photo (Gari Garaialde, Ander Gillenea and Josu Trueba) and the live show photos are by Bostok Photo, Saioa ‘Gauilunak’, Ibai Arrieta, Eider Iturriaga, Josetxo Perez, Amaia Oca, Zuriñe Alava, Fermin Bidaurre and Dhabid Sánchez. The design was run by Oiartso Los Arcos, while the prologue was written by the member of the organization Aitor Agirrezabal.

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