Naked for Ibon Iparragirre’s Release




Ibon is a prisoner who has AIDS in stage C-3, so his illness is incurable and degenerative. Reports made at Basurto and Gregorio MaraƱon hospitals, say Ibon suffers “Progresive Multifocal Leukoencelopathy”, “cognitive impairment”, “compulsive episodes”, “probable dementia AIDS”. The disease has affected his brain, and among other consecuences he is losing vision so he can hardly read and does not recognize someone who is four metres away. This situation is difficult to deal being free and much harder being imprisoned.

Ibon is the only political prisoner in the module, without any trusted companion, whether to read him the newspaper or a letter, to wite an instance or to look for something he lost or perhaps has been hidden or stolen. This solitude implies a helplessness that other prisoners will take advantage to steal him, threaten him or insult him. Last year has been attacked four times, twice by officials and two others by social prisoners lionized by some jailers.

A supporting committee of Basque seriously ill prisoners, made a protest undressimg themselves to denounce the nakedness of fundamental human rights such as the right to health, life and human dignity, in front of Victoria Eugenia Theatre, in Donostia, where was held the awards ceremony of the Human Rights Film Festival.

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