“Episodes from our history” is a direct testimony of the political conflict that the Basque Country is experiencing; a silent witness of the last three decades, a work that allows us to review and discover the past in the present. Interesting and rewarding work for those who lived in those times as well as for younger people.

What does it offer?

It offers the opportunity to see more than 300 photographs taken during the last three decades of the political conflict. It will serve to remind and review what happened to those who lived in those times, and the perfect opportunity for younger people to learn about our recent past.


Starting with black and white images, the photos are shown in chronological order as a projection. The author explains when, where was taken every image or what shows the photo we are looking at while answering the audience’s questions. “Episodes of our history” is a work that gives a new opportunity to work on memory and coexistence.


It is possible to put up an exhibition of around 20 photos, made up of 42x32cm framed photos that can be seen in the projection, and which can be hung in the previous days as a call to the presentation.


During the projection of more than 300 photos that he usually offers at the presentation, Ander Gillenea gives information about the photos and answers the audience’s questions.


Some of the photos shown in the projection can be seen published on newspaper covers and pages. in some Basque and international newspapers as Euskaldunon Egunkaria, International Herald Tribune, La Vanguardia, Libération and El País among others.

If you would be interested in presenting the episodes in your town or elsewhere, please contact us using the form below or using the following channels

    +34 629 853 952


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